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On the Errors of The Trinity by Don Snedeker (12 CDs / 16 hours)
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(11/12 '92)
A New Race For A New Age
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This teaching focuses squarely on the most important issue in the whole Bible: Who is Jesus Christ? It shows why He is called a "seed" in the first verse that ever mentions Him. and how it is He who will produce a new "Master Race" for the new age He will bring to pass. By John Lynn

(5/6 '97)
The Purpose Of The Ages
Only $3.40
We believe this teaching is one of the most important we have ever done, because it presents an overview of the "administrations" in Scripture from Paradise lost to Paradise regained. We assert that if one does not understand these, the Bible will in large part be a closed book, especially in terms of its practical application to life today. The teaching focuses on the Administration of Grace and the Church of the Body of Christ that began on the day of Pentecost. It shows how Jesus Christ is the golden thread that runs throughout and holds together the royal tapestry of truth, the Word of God. This is a "must hear" teaching. By John Lynn

Jesus Christ,
the Diameter of the Ages

( 6 Hours )

Only $21.25

This dynamic six-hour series is very effective in helping people to understand the most important subject of the entire Bible: Jesus Christ. It deals with His relationship with God, the Church and Israel. The series shows how Jesus saw in the Old Testament the prophecies of His birth, life, suffering, death, resurrection, ascension, exaltation and His future Kingdom. Thus He was obedient to the written Word, all the way unto death on the cross. It shows what Jesus is now doing as Lord and Christ, and some things He will do when He returns to this earth to rule His Kingdom. The teachings proclaim scriptural truths vital to knowing Jesus Christ as Lord on a daily basis, and thereby knowing God our Father.


47 Reasons Why Our Heavenly Father
Has No Equals or "Co-equals"

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22 Principles of Bible Interpretation
or How to Eliminate Apparent Bible Contradictions

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34 Reasons Why the Holy Spirit is Not a Separate "Person" from the Only True God, the Father

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One God & One Lord,
Reconsidering the Cornerstone of Christian Faith

by M. Graeser, J. Lynn & J. Schoenheit
Hardcover $24.65

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WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? Jesus of Nazareth posed this question to his followers nearly two thousand years ago, but the question still hangs in the air, requesting an answer from every person. Indeed, the question of the identity of Jesus Christ is the most important theological issue of all human history, because he claimed to be the human Son of the one true God.

[Table of Contents]

In ONE GOD & ONE LORD, the authors carefully re-examine the biblical evidence in light of modern textual research and a thorough survey of scholarly opinion. They argue that the biblically accurate answer to the question of his identity is provided by Peter, John, Mary, Paul and other first-century believers who unanimously proclaimed him to be "the Christ, the Son of the living God." Building an impressive and compelling case for the unity of the biblical testimony concerning the true humanity of Jesus, "the last Adam," the authors reveal the profound significance of the two aspects of his coming: suffering and glory. They seek a view of Christ that allows for a total appreciation of his steadfast obedience to God in the face of temptation, suffering and even a humiliating death. Vindicated by his resurrection, he entered into glory and now sits in a position of functional equality with God, analogous to the relationship of Joseph and Pharaoh in the Book of Genesis. ONE GOD & ONE LORD shows how the traditional view of Jesus Christ actually demeans both his accomplishments and his heroism by attributing to him "intrinsic deity" that essentially eliminates the possibility of either authentic temptation or failure. Because the Gospel of John is often isolated and magnified to establish and fortify orthodox Christology, the authors explore in depth the unique depiction of Christ in "the Fourth Gospel". They succeed in placing John's testimony harmoniously and understandably within the margins of the prophetic portrait of the Messiah. This portrait had already been drawn out in detail in the Hebrew Scriptures and was then fleshed out in the Synoptic Gospels. Nowhere in this portrait is it clear that Messiah was "God incarnate," "God the Son," or a pre-existent divine visitor. Appealing primarily to scriptural authority and logical reasoning, ONE GOD & ONE LORD also thoroughly examines the historical process by which traditional Christian orthodoxy came to be established. A combination of misguided Christian piety and pagan speculation are shown to be responsible for the intrusion of unbiblical concepts into basic Christian thought and doctrine. ONE GOD & ONE LORD is challenging, but profoundly encourages both Christian devotion and a deep appreciation for the integrity of the Bible. It will reward the careful attention of the critic of Christianity, the new Christian, students of the Bible, pastors, teachers and scholars.

Our Heavenly Father Has No Equals - Unitarianism, Trinitarianism and the Necessity of Biblical Proof (537 pages)
by Donald R. Snedeker

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As of February 2007, we are not sure when this book will be back in stock.

Drawing on a variety of sources for historic Unitarianism (Rees, Morgridge, Dana, Farley), Snedeker's study stresses the importance of reason in theological inquiry.

The author conflates the various arguments of Trinitarianism, then refutes them according to reasonable standards of biblical interpretation and staying within the framework of common sense.

Various Trinitarian arguments are stated, explanations are given as to why they are not reasonable enough to overthrow the many verses in which the Father is represented as God. Jesus Christ is exalted according to the Unitarian view of God, as Jesus is positionally second over all of God's creation.

A compelling contribution to the Unitarian-Trinitarian debate

Chapter 1: Unitarianism
Chapter 2: Trinitarianism
Chapter 3: The Doctrine of the Double Nature of Christ
Chapter 4: Corruptive Influences in the Early Church
Chapter 5: Examples of Bad Trinitarian Arguments and Conclusions
Chapter 6: The Traditional and Historical Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity
Chapter 7: Mystery versus Contradiction
Chapter 8: Reason and Revelation
Chapter 9: Rules of Biblical Interpretation
Chapter 10: Continuity of Belief in One God
Chapter 11: Jesus
Chapter 12: The Logos
Chapter 13: Holy Spirit
Chapter 14: Names and Titles
Chapter 15: Timely Statements
Chapter 16: Verses
Chapter 17: Concluding Statements

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NEW! When Jesus Became God, The Struggle to Define Christianity During the Last Days of Rome by Richard E. Rubenstein.
Only $11.90

"Early church history has never been so fascinating...The author breathes life into the personalities that dominate this era in history."

"Rubenstein has taken one of the major religious controversies of the early Christian Church...and turned it into a flesh-and-blood encounter of real people that reads like an adventure story."

"After almost three hundred years of persecution, Christianity made an astonishing breakthrough in 324, when Constantine the Great became the emperor of Rome. No longer fearing for their own survival, Christians turned to the question of how to define what beliefs identified a "true" Christian. Led by two charismatic priests -- Arius who preached that Jesus, though uniquely holy, is less than God, and Athanasius who argued that Jesus is God himself in human form -- the debate over Jesus' degree of divinity escalated from heated argument to violence and bloodshed.

With vivid detail and METICULOUS research, Rubenstein re-creates the political intrigue, riots, and power struggles of one of the most critical moments in history -- one with startling parallels to our own time."

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The True Believer's Defense (written 1837)
Only $8.50
The True Believer's Defence, against charges preferred by Trinitarians, for not believing in The Divinity of Christ, The Deity of Christ, The Trinity, by Charles Morgridge, minister of the First Christian Church in New-Bedford, Boston 1837, reprinted by Christian Educational Services 1994

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The Death of Truth by Dennis McCallum Only $8.50
Responding to: Multiculturalism, The Rejection of Reason and the New Postmodern Diversity. Whatever Happened to Truth? America is in the midst of a revolution in thinking that impacts every conceivable aspect of life. Postmodernism, the guiding spirit of our times, teaches that things like reason and rationality are cultural biases, and that truth - especially God's truth - doesn't exist. A society that forsakes truth believes that: - All lifestyles, religions, and worldviews are equally valid -The only real sin is criticizing someone else's view or moral choices -Opinions matter as much as evidence - Reality is in the mind of the beholder Not since Charles Darwin confronted Christian with his doctrine of naturalistic evolution has the church faced a challenge for which it is so ill-prepared. We are witnessing The Death of Truth.

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The Scripture Doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (written 1873)
Only $8.50

The Scripture Doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost A Course of Lectures, by Frederick A. Farley, D.D., Pastor of the Church of the Saviour, Brooklyn, N.Y. Boston 1873, reprinted by Christian Educational Services 1994

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Lectures on the Principles of Unitarianism (written in 1824)
Only $8.50

Lectures on The Principles of Unitarianism by J.S. Hyndman Minister of the Unitarian Chapel, Alnwick 1824, reprinted By Christian Educational Services 1994


Letters Addressed to Relatives and Friends (written in 1845)
Only $12.75

Letters Addressed to Relatives and Friends, chiefly in reply to arguments in support of The Doctrine of the Trinity by Mary S.B.Dana, Boston 1845, reprinted by Christian Educational Services 1994

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The Racovian Catechism (written in 1609) [Includes "A Sketch of the History of Unitarianism" in the preface.]
Only $17.00

First published in the Polish language in 1605, this ground-breaking work is still controversial after 400 years because of its sound logic and
systematic critique of Trinitarian orthodoxy. The catechism argued that the Father of Jesus is the one and only true God, the Son is a fully human being,
and the holy spirit is the power of God and not a separate person. Since Emperor Theodosius made disbelief of the Trinity a capital crime in 492, the
positions espoused in this catechism have caused the death of many a sincere searcher of truth since.

The Socinians, as they were known, developed this catechism to quickly ground their followers in the essential truths of their Unitarian faith in a climate of hostility and persecution. Many of the biblical and logical arguments against the Trinity contained in this catechism are as profound as any that have ever been advanced. The reader of this catechism will not be surprised, then, that a religious war rose up around the document, leading to the murder of many Socinians, and the burning of their publishing houses and universities.

This document is valuable for those who have an interest in the Christian essence of early Unitarianism, and for those engaged in the very current controversies still surrounding the Trinity in 21st Century Christendom. Though there are a few conclusions that do not hold up well after 400 years of Protestant scholarship, on the whole we trust the reader will find in this work some of the finest Unitarian reasoning and biblical exposition in all the literature of the Reformation.

Sketch of the History of Unitarianism in Poland and the Adjacent Countries (written in 1818) [Included in the preface of The Racovain Catechism.]

Only $6.80

A Sketch of the History of Unitarianism in Poland and the adjacent countries (Originally the Historical introduction to the Racovian Catechism.) by Thomas Rees, F.S.A. London 1818, reprinted by Christian Educational Services 1994

Newly Revised!
Only $12.75

The Gift of Holy Spirit: The Power To Be Like Christ
by M. Graeser, J. Lynn & J. Schoenheit

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"The subject of the Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood subjects in Christendom. Yet the gift of holy spirit is one of the greatest gifts God has given to mankind. Moses had it, and when he needed help administering the millions of Israelites, God took of the spirit that was upon Moses and gave it to the elders of Israel so they could rule with him. God gave His gift of holy spirit to the Judges of Israel, such as Deborah and Samuel. He gave it to kings such as David and Hezekiah. He gave it to prophets such as Elijah, Isaiah, and Daniel. John the Baptist had holy spirit from birth. Even Jesus was anointed with holy spirit before he started his ministry. Now we can walk in the power of holy spirit. This book will answer such questions as:

o What is the difference between Holy Spirit and holy spirit?
o Why is "holy spirit" sometimes referred to as "he" and other times referred to as an "it"?
o What are the manifestations (sometimes called "gifts") of holy spirit?
o What is speaking in tongues, and why is it valuable for Christians?
o What is "slain in the spirit"?

This book shows that each Christian is sealed with God's gift of holy spirit the very moment that he is saved. Furthermore, it shows that each Christian can manifest, outwardly show, that spirit in the nine ways spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12, including speaking in tongues. When we understand the gift of holy spirit and why God gave us such a wonderful gift, then we can take advantage of it in our lives. We can walk in the power of the holy spirit, and become more like Christ in attitude and action.

NEW!!!! The Bible — You Can Believe It
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The Bible is the best selling book of all time.
It has been a source of strength and hope for countless numbers of people through the ages.

While there have always been critics of the Bible, since the mid-1800s it has come under increasing attack, especially from scholars. The situation today is that many seminaries do not teach that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but instead teach that it is at best the writing of great men. This sentiment has grown in Christian circles to the point that even many churches do not teach the Bible, and many church people no longer consider the Bible their standard for faith and practice.

The men who wrote down Scripture said they got their information directly from God. Thus, the Bible claims to be the very words of God. It claims to be true and right. The records in the Bible are presented as actual occurrences, not fables or fairytales. Often skeptics try to lessen the weight of their criticisms about the Bible by saying, Even though it is not the words of God, it is still a good book with lots of valuable lessons. Make no mistake; if the Bible is not what it says it is, it is not a good book at all-it is a pack of lies and the men who wrote it were colossal liars.

This booklet is a defense of the accuracy and integrity of the Bible. It examines and refutes many of the most common criticisms that have been raised against the Bible. It shows that the biblical text is reliable and the text can be trusted. It shows that the accuracy of the text has not been compromised as it has been passed down through the ages. It shows the Bible is complete in 66 books and none of it is missing. It gives evidence from science, history, and prophecy that only God
could have authored Scripture-man simply could not have done it. Once all the evidence is considered, it is apparent that the Word of God is indeed what it clearly claims to be-the very Word of God; a clear communication to people from God. It is not a book to be ignored, it is the key to blessings both in this life and in the life to come.


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